Join us for a virtual hike showcasing North and South Carolina wildflowers

We’re staying home currently to keep ourselves and the community safe. With spring hiking having been curtailed for the moment, B is missing the bounty of wildflowers that spring brings to our North Carolina trails. We reached out to Wandering Rose contributor Jim Tobalski  and asked if he could curate a collection of local wildflower photos for B and Wandering Rose readers to enjoy.

Jim describes himself this way, “For the past 35 years, I’ve explored national and state parks, national wildlife refuges and nature preserves. I love the outdoors. It’s relaxing, it’s spiritual.” We frequently hike with Jim and his wife, Jenifer. They are the best we know at seeing all the fine details in nature —  flowers, bugs and wildlife that we might otherwise walk right by.

We’ve done our best to identify these North and South Carolina wildflowers and plants. But we’re quick to disclose that we’re not botanists or any kind of “ist” or “ologist”. If you recognize these are something else, please let us know. We love learning! Mobile device viewers should click in the image gallery to see wildflower identification.

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