Live Oak Trees draped with Spanish Moss at Brookgreen Gardens

Looking for things to do around Myrtle Beach?

Brookgreen Gardens showcases American sculpture plus Lowcounty nature and history

Planning a trip to Myrtle Beach or somewhere along South Carolina’s Grand Strand? If you need a break from the beach, pool, golf, shopping and crowds then check out Brookgreen Gardens.

B seeks out botanical gardens when we travel and has seen some of the best. We were surprised and impressed to find one of the top-rated botanical and sculpture gardens in the United States is only 17 miles from the crowds and traffic of Myrtle Beach. Located at Murrells Inlet, Brookgreen Gardens showcases the world’s largest outdoor collection of American sculpture, thousands of flowers, centuries-old trees, and a zoo housing native animals

It’s not just us that are impressed. Brookgreen’s accolades include:

Brookgreen largest outdoor sculpture garden U.S.
Brookgreen Garden includes the largest outdoor sculpture garden in the U.S.

Huntington winter home becomes a showcase for American sculpture

Brookgreen Gardens began as the winter home of Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington. An accomplished sculptor, Anna quickly saw the potential of the property and set out in 1931 to develop a place to showcase for American sculpture. Brookgreen’s mission then as now is to collect, exhibit and preserve American sculpture plus plants and animals of the Southeast. You know you are in South Carolina Lowcountry with the setting of beautiful old oak trees draped with Spanish moss. If the Huntington name seems familiar, it’s because Huntington State Park across Hwy. 17 was originally part of the family property.

Bring your walking shoes. There is no set path for exploring the sculptures and gardens at Brookgreen, so you’ll find yourself delightfully wandering everywhere. We spent a half-day at Brookgreen and left plenty unseen for a future visit.

We did not tour the zoo/wildlife refuge, but it would be a great place to take the kids or grandkids. Narrated boat and minibus tours are options to go deeper into the park if you have the time. There is an additional fee for these tours.

Thorny often balks at botanical garden and art tours, but he went along for this one and was impressed. Even if you’re not a fan of art and gardens, the history of this place is tasteful and informative. Brookgreen admission is reasonable at $18 for adults. Seniors get two bucks off and kids are $10.

Our photos don’t do the place justice. You need to see this for yourself.

Top things to do Botanical Garden South Carolina
Looking for things to do next South Carolina beach vacation? Visit Brookgreen Gardens.
Brookgreen Gardens Top 10 attractions South Carolina
Brookgreen Gardens is rated Top 10 attractions in South Carolina.
Brookgreen Gardens botanical garden, sculpture garden, zoo, history
Brookgreen Gardens is a must-see combination of botanical and sculpture garden plus zoo and historical site.
Art, history, nature South Carolina Lowcountry
What's not to love about Brookgreen? You're outdoors walking in art, nature and history.
Brookgreen Gardens largest outdoor sculpture Garden U.S.
Buildings house some of Brookgreen's collection.
Brookgreen showcases American sculptors
Brookgreen showcases American sculptors.
History walk South Carolina Brookgreen Gardens
You are literally walking through South Carolina history as your stroll the trails of Brookgreen.
Brookgreen Gardens
A parting shot from Brookgreen.
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