Gear reviews

The right gear is essential to being comfortable on the road. Whether it’s luggage, clothes, entertainment items or sporting goods, a stable of go-to travel goods helps minimize hassle and maximize enjoyment. While functionality rules when it comes to limited packing space, you don’t have to completely forget about fashion and fun. These are a few of our favorite things.

Gear review of man purse

Man purse

When we strike out for a day of city sightseeing, we carry a lot of stuff. A backpack is a pain in the rear, and cramming your pockets with guidebooks, cameras, rain gear and snacks is a fashion and logistics disaster. My answer is a man purse. Does the mention of that challenge your fragile male ego? Remember, Europeans do it. So did Indiana Jones. It’s easy to carry, more secure against pickpockets, and helps me organize all the documents needed for the day. Google man purse or small messenger bag (the PC term for US men) and you will find murses starting as little as $20. Mine is a cross body model for added security like these.

Gear review of garmet folder
Gear review of Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Folder

Garment folder

This is the single best packing trick I know. Libby and I only travel with carry-on luggage, no matter what the trip, and the Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Folder gets our nicer shirts, skirts and pants there with few wrinkles. I use the small size rated at 7 garments, though I often push that. They also have a medium that fits in carry-on gear. It’s weights just a few ounces and comes with a folding board.

Headphone splitter

Netflix and Amazon Prime let members download movies and TV shows for offline viewing on your phone, tablet or computer. This is a great way to pass the time on a long flight. To watch with your travel companion(s), get a headphone splitter. It plugs into your device and allows two or more headphones to share the same jack. Belkin has a two-way splitter for less than $4. Need more than two? The Amazon Basics five-way splitter is under $10. Great when traveling with the grandkids.