About Wandering Rose Travels

Wandering Rose Travels is the story of a couple of baby boomers, living the dream of exploring the world and being active outdoors.

It’s our perspective on traveling, from the seat of a bicycle to the top of a mountain. It’s staying in unique places and sampling local food and drink. It’s rambling through quaint Alpine villages, the Florida Keys, and a little bit of everywhere in between.

Come along as we share our (mis)adventures, plus travel tips and ways to stay safe and healthy on the road.

Meet Wandering Rose and her Thorny Man

As we navigate the twists and turns of grandbabies, joint pain and semi-retirement, we’ve vowed to take full advantage of this chapter in life with as much adventure as possible. We hope that our journeys inspire other boomers to seize the day and find your own ways to be active and explore.

Martin Rose

I’m silly, sporty and savvy, with exploits that range from great to Griswoldian. You’ll often find me on the water, and my spirit animal is a freshwater pirate. I started this blog to support my gear-buying addiction. And after 35 years at the helm of a marketing firm, it was time to get out of the office and on the road. Equal parts entrepreneur and explorer, I’m thrilled to combine a career in marketing, writing and photography, with a lifelong passion for travel and the outdoors.

Libby Rose

I’m artistic, enthusiastic, and constantly seeking inspiration to stay active in spite of age and asthma. From bike routes to beers, and places to painting techniques, I’ll try pretty much anything once. I’m a road trip junkie who never meets a stranger. My husband was my senior prom date. Without me, he’d be boring. And without him, I’d be lost – literally. I didn’t expect my journey to go from family, to business, to blog, but I go where life takes me and make the most of it.


Elizabeth Rose Engle

Representing the next generation of wandersome Roses, I journey from the Amazon to the Alps in search of perspective beyond suburban life. I’m a map nerd and travel planning junkie, fueled by stunning vistas, local libations and a serious sailing addiction. As a writer, editor and social media manager for Wandering Rose, I’m perpetually proud and jealous of my parents’ adventures.

Jim Tobalski

My family and I have been travel zealots for 36 years, exploring our country’s national parks, soaking up the Caribbean and trekking the landscape of the Carolinas. After retiring from corporate communications and marketing, I became a full-time hiker, photographer and perpetual student of the outdoors.

Highlights from our first year of blogging

In our first year, we have achieved many milestones with our loyal readers. Thank you for joining us on this journey!!

Wandering Rose Travels articles have been mentioned by major brands including Backroads, Burlington Free Press, Visit North Carolina and Discover Jackson County NC. We have also had the honor of being featured bloggers on the Superstar Blogging website. More highlights below!


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photos featured on Expedia’s Viewfinder travel blog during the August 2017 total solar eclipse


social media shares on Where the locals eat in Key West blog post


views of our video of a fox hunting in the snow in Yellowstone


views of our Facebook photos of Maine, garnering 807 reactions, comments and shares

Work with us

Each member of the Wandering Rose Travels team has a professional background in copywriting, photography and/or marketing. We’ve taken what we’ve done successfully for clients for 40 years, and turned it into a personal passion and business.

Your brand is safe with us. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest brands, including helping companies reinvent themselves or evolve their existing image. We’ll dive right in to understand you and your audience, and help you reach the right prospects. Check out some of this work at ABZ Creative Partners.

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