Kuhl pants gear review

Kuhl pants are our new favorite … for adventure, travel and everyday wear

Thorny and B place a high value on versatile travel clothing. Unless our adventure requires lots of bulky gear, we can pack for up to three-week trips with carry-on luggage only. In this article we test two different styles of Kuhl pants.

Thorny’s review of Kuhl Silencr pants

In full disclosure, I have a man crush on Kuhl brand clothing. Kuhl makes its clothing distinctive without sacrificing high performance or versatility. Kuhl shirts, sweaters, coats and hats are the mainstay of my wardrobe, and are my go-to items when packing for our travel adventures.

This is a distinction I don’t give lightly. But Kuhl has earned the accolades with years of proven performance. I may pay a premium price for purchase, but the years of use make Kuhl a great value for the money.

The one area I have struggled to find the “love” word is with Kuhl pants. Many of their models seems made for men with large thighs and ample butts. I have a gone-ass and chicken legs. I recently found a winner in the Kuhl lineup, which is cool, functional, and friendly to those lacking ample buttock and thighs in the Kuhl Silencr.

Kuhl Silencr Pants review outdoor hiking travel pants

We have several mandatory criteria for our travel clothes:

  • Light weight
  • Tough enough to scramble over and slide down rocks without abrasion
  • Drizzle repellent and quick drying
  • Nice enough to wear to a nice dinner or show at night
  • Easy to wash in a hotel sink and dry overnight
  • Resist wrinkles even after days or weeks in a suitcase
  • Pockets that keep valuables secure from pickpockets


My Kuhl Silencr pants get five stars for all the above except for the pockets. They do feature a cell phone pocket down on the leg that gives added security, but I would love to have one pocket that zips. Even with that one small ding, these have become my favorite pants … not just for travel but for everyday wear.

The pants stretch enough to be super comfortable while keeping a crisp shape. The waist band does not stretch, which I appreciate. Many of my other travel pants have a stretch waist so if I load down the pockets, I must wear a belt or risk a clothing malfunction.

Kuhl markets Silencr pants as “the revolutionary pants for independent, free-thinking rebels, renegades and outlaws”. I would like them to add “and those with gone asses” to the list. Total perfection (except wishing for one zipper pocket.)

Libby Kuhl travel hiking outdoor pants

Libby’s review Kuhl Vantage pants

I have the opposite problem of Thorny… I am curvy through my hips and thighs. I do not like wearing tight pants while hiking, especially in the warmer months, so I usually wear hiking skirts for comfort and temperature control. But, there are many hikes and conditions I would rather long pants.

The Kuhl Vantage Pants fit my needs and my curvy hips and thighs. Finally, I’ve discovered hiking pants made with lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric with bit of stretch for a very comfortable fit. The feel and weight of the fabric is originally what attracted me to the pants.

The tag stated, ultra-lightweight (that was good) and skinny fit (which normally I don’t even try on) but the feel of the fabric, 4 zipper pockets, adjustable elastic waist and color (black) were appealing so I decided to try the extra large size.

Even with the “skinny fit” the pants had plenty of room. I could wear the large size, but decided I could extend wearing these ultra-lightweight pants into early cool spring and late fall with leggings underneath so I went with the XL. While this has worked perfect for me, the fabric does stretch so most may prefer to size down.

I’ve put these pants to the test in the heat, (moisture wicking), hiked wooded and rocky trails (fabric protected my legs), they wash great, they are very comfortable (even with leggings layer in cooler months). My only suggestion to Kuhl is make the front pockets deeper!  I love these pants. I need to get the other colors!

Disclosure: As a product reviewer, we are often provided with gear free of charge in exchange for testing and writing an opinion.

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