top travel blogs of 2018

What are the top 10 travel articles of 2018?

Following are 2018’s most popular blog posts. We hope these might help inspire your next adventure. If you have questions about anything you read, send us an email and we’ll be happy to assist.

Our top 10 wanderings of 2018

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top travel blogs of 2018

#2 Experiencing the elk rut and bugle call in the Great Smoky Mountains >

Elk are thriving in the Great Smoky Mountains since reintroduction. We got to witness the annual elk rut and bugle call recently. It was amazing.

#3 Where’s the best place to view winter wildlife in Yellowstone National Park? >

When we’re asked the best place to view winter wildlife in Yellowstone, we’re quick to answer: Lamar Valley. We highly recommend taking a wildlife excursion.

#4 Tips to capture great fall photos >

How can I take better fall leaf photos? Wandering Rose Travels gets asked that a lot, and we’ve collected our top tips for you, along with photo examples.

#5 10 things to know before traveling to Canada >

Planning a visit to Canada? We’ve got 10 great tips to help plan your visit including why a loonie is not a crazy person and a loonie-toonie is not a cartoon series. Learn what advice expats and local bloggers had for us.

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#6 Where the locals eat in Key West >

Even in popular destinations, it’s possible to get away from the crowds and uncover hidden gems where locals and savvy travelers enjoy better food at better prices. Here are our favorite secret eats in Key West.

#7 10 reasons to visit Yellowstone National Park in winter >

Exploring Yellowstone National Park in winter — with below zero temperatures, deep snow and all but one park road closed to cars — may not sound like a premiere vacation, but B and I rank it among our best trips ever.

#8 Royal wedding 2018: We wander to Windsor Castle >

Windsor Castle and St. George’s Chapel made the 2018 news as the wedding site for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Wandering Rose visited the town of Windsor recently, and our hotel room overlooked the wedding venue. Check out wedding facts and Windsor photos.

#9 Five reasons you should consider hiking poles >

Active baby boomers should consider hiking poles. My wife and I began using poles in our late 50s after a harrowing moment while hiking across a snowfield.

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#10 Five tips to make your national park visit better >

National park visits are awe-inspiring but can be wildly populated during busy seasons. Here are five tips to make your national park experience better.

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