Caribbean fish and marine life quiz


I possess very effective camouflage but don’t step on me. My spines are venomous and they’ll ruin your vacation. So could my desert counterparts.

Caribbean Ocean Quiz Scorpion Fish
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Tourists love me more than their own children. Hundreds of my species died in 2005 from this problem in Florida. Luckily, I’m protected and we’ve made a comeback.

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Mangroves are vital to ecosystems like the Florida Everglades and Caribbean islands. But why?

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Which of the following is NOT a threat to our planet’s shrinking coral reefs?

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Sea turtles often die because plastic bags plug their digestive systems. Why do they eat them?

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Can you change colors to blend in to your surroundings or to reflect your mood? I can. Plus I like to lie camouflaged on the ocean’s sandy bottom. And both of my eyes can migrate to one side of my body. Wow, am I cool!

Caribbean Ocean Quiz Flounder
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I scrape off sediment from coral and rocks and then poop out sand. What an incredible talent that helps the local environment and beaches. Those cute, over-promoted clownfish can’t do that!

Parrot fish
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As an octopus, I have no bones. And I have nine of these.

Caribbean Ocean Quiz Octopus
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I used to be called a “starfish.” Now, marine biologists refer to me as a “sea star.” What type of fluid runs through my circulatory system?

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As a humpback whale, scientists study my DNA and future. I don’t mind because it helps my endangered species. Can you guess which technique below is real?

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BONUS QUESTION: I’m coral. What am I made of?

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Your Caribbean fish and marine life quiz

Your new marina name is Minnow

Your new marina name is Sponge Pants

Your new marina name is The Amazing Flipper

Your new marina name is Hammerhead Sharkie

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