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Test your national park IQ


Which of the following is NOT a national park?

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Mount Rushmore. There are only 60 designated national parks in our National Park Service (NPS). Mount Rushmore is managed by the NPS, but it’s designated as a national memorial.

Which park was America’s first?

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Yellowstone, in 1872.

Which area is NOT a designation in the National Park Service?

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National Wildlife Refuge. They are designated and managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Which of the following is NOT a threat to the national park?

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Redwoods from Sasquatch mating. Although, we are “believers” at Wandering Rose Travels.

Which national park has the most annual visitors?

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Great Smoky Mountains. More than 11 million, twice the number of visitors compared to the runner-ups.

Which of the following national parks closed its main road to visitor traffic and developed a shuttle bus system to address overcrowding and congestion?

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Zion. Our national parks’ popularity has side effects that can make the visitor experience frustrating. We’ve used Zion’s shuttle system and have been impressed with it.

In what state is Great Sand Dunes National Park located?

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Colorado. The dunes are impressive in this state better known for its mountain peaks.

Approximately how many natural stone arches have been identified in Arches National Park, UT?

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2,000. And the landscape continues to change by forming new arches, while others erode and collapse.

Why did the Ancestral Pueblo people abandon the cliff communities 800 years ago in the area now designated Mesa Verde National Park, CO?

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No one knows for sure. Experts have theories, but this continues to be a mystery in this park featuring nearly 5,000 archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings.

Which of these wealthy families played an important role in securing land to create Grand Tetons National Park, WY?

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Rockefellers. However, all four families played important roles in establishing Acadia National Park in Maine. In addition, the Rockefellers helped establish Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina/Tennessee.

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